About Us

At Ideal Male Labs, LLC, we know that success in business and romance often go hand-in-hand. That’s why we developed Hard at Work Cologne – an innovative fragrance designed to help hard working professionals attract the relationships they desire.

Created specifically for today’s ambitious, driven man, Hard at Work Cologne blends bold, irresistible scents that spark attraction and intrigue. Our master perfumers use a proprietary blend of warm, woody essential oils that lend confidence and charisma for long days at the office and afterwards.

This stimulating fragrance immediately captures attention and inspires romantic connections for modern men navigating the corporate scene.

Just a few sprays of Hard at Work Cologne, and you’ll project an alluring essence that’s refined yet adventurous.

At Ideal Male Labs, LLC, we use only the finest ingredients that appeal to modern women’s preferences. Formulated free of harmful chemicals, Hard at Work is suitable for even sensitive skin.

Experience the workplace allure that’s earned rave reviews – let Hard at Work Cologne be your secret advantage.